About Us

Best Manifesting was founded in January 2006 by Dennis Miceli. Best Ship was our first USPS MAC product that was marketed to online sales companies. We specialize in USPS shipping but offer multi-carrier multi-rate services. Best Manifesting offers products and services to streamline your shipping process and produce return on your investment.

Best Manifesting Inc, is committed to providing our clients with the finest systems backed by quality care and service. As long as you continually maintain coverage, Best Manifesting Inc, promises to provide you the following:

GUARANTEED PRODUCT PERFORMANCE All configurations of the BEST SHIP™ USPS eVS approved software are guaranteed to perform for the initial terms of the agreement. If during that period, the product does not perform to our specifications, Best Manifesting will be responsible for all repairs to the BEST SHIP software.

GUARANTEED SERVICE Best Manifesting guarantees service for all clients. Best Manifesting asks that all clients email and call our Technical Support center for fast service. If the BEST SHIP™ software system is not reporting the correct USPS information, Best Manifesting will resolve the issue free of charge for any client.

RATE CHANGE PROTECTION As part of any BEST SHIP™ agreement Best Manifesting Inc, guarantees service for updating the USPS current rates.

CERTIFIED POSTAL CONSULTATION As a client of Best Manifesting Inc, every client has the ability to work with our company to excel in the manifesting industry. We guarantee a full evaluation of our services to provide the best solution for your organization.

I am committed to maintaining a long term partnership with our clients. You have my personal guarantee that I will not be satisfied until you are.

Thank you,
Dennis Miceli
Best Manifesting Inc,

Best Ship eVS and IMPB Certified

  • Best Ship is a USPS eVS® and IMPB® manifest mailing system that allows a mailer to automate their shipping procedure via a FREE eVS permit. Each piece in a manifest mailing is still labeled with a unique identification (ID) number, a Sortation Notation, your Import ID, and other markings that you the mailer may require.

    The pieces may be identical or non-identical in weight. More than one class of mail may be processed at a time. The mailer must work with Best Manifesting and their respective USPS Operations Integration Specialist (OIS) to obtain the required eVS credentials. There is no postage shown on the mail piece itself. Best Ship keeps postage totals for easy accounting or you can visit the USPS Business Customer Gateway to obtain your records.