USPS eVS and Impb

Best Manifesting is USPS eVS® & Impb® Vendor Certified. We offer push button certification along with training that will allow you the mailer minimal involvement to get started using eVS®.

All Best Manifesting client that subscribe to the Best Ship™ software system will be certified for eVS® and Impb®. The Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode is a mandatory process from the USPS that provides additional tracking and visibility for Parcel Mailers. Along with your eVS® certification a Best Manifesting representative will certify your company for the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode.

The Best Ship system is capable of handling multiple credentials for drop shipments into different locations. Best Manifesting along with your USPS Operations Integration Specialist (OIS) will assist you in obtaining the following credentials along with additional Child MIDs for multiple locations or drop shipments if needed. Once your credentials are obtained Best Manifesting will take on the main responsibility of submitting files and labels with you to ensure your Certification is completed.

  • eVS credentials required:
  • Company Indicia Abbreviation:
  • CRID:
  • Master MID:
  • Child MID:
  • FTP Login ID:
  • FTP PW:
  • eVS Permit #:
  • eVS CAPS #: