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Best Manifesting will react to changes in the market to maintain efficiency and provide you the shipping tools you need to excel in order fulfillment with our USPS eVS™ Certified Product and Multi Rate Carrier Best Ship™ software.

Best Manifesting provides set up and training for all the necessary documentation and file transfers for a wide range of services along with numerous options for a streamlined shipping process.

Best Manifesting specializes in the following areas

  • USPS eVS®, IMpb®, Mail.dat®, and CASS® Certified.
  • UPS and FedEx Shipping API.
  • Custom development of your shipping station. With a scalable product and proven integration we can configure your software to your exact specifications.
  • Rate Shopping to allow for best way service class selection. Best Ship™ will allow for Rate Shopping of USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and 3rd Party Carriers.
  • Customized Confirmation Services with thresholds to maximize your time. With the Best Ship™ User Interface packages, your company will have services added based on Dollar Amount or Key Words on the fly.
  • We work with clients that qualify for standard mail nonprofit rates and Best Ship™ has been providing a streamlined solution and providing all necessary documentation and file transfers.
  • We work with As Seen On TV companies that we integrate a Product to Weight Table to offer Batch Processing. If you can supply an accurate weight to Best Ship™ we can automate your processing in our Batch Mode.
  • Contact us anytime to discuss how the Best Ship product can work for you.

Benefits of USPS eVS

  • No permit imprint application fee (annual mailing permit fees will apply if required for a mail class; however, mailers migrating to eVS are not required to pay additional annual fees if their annual fees are current with an existing local permit at the time the eVS permit is opened; annual fees are due for the eVS permit for eligible mail classes at the time of the annual fee’s renewal)
  • Bypass traditional Mail Acceptance/Verification process at Business Mail Entry Unit; enter mail directly at Origin or Destination facilities
  • Flexible mail entry time with FAST appointment
  • Elimination of the PS Form 8125 for Drop-Shipments
  • Electronic postage statements generated from the SSF are visible in PostalOne! along with additional account monitoring and mailing data reports

Quick Guide to eVS

Benefits of USPS Mail.dat

  • Electronic transfer of data will eliminate the need for paper permit imprint manifesting.
  • Automation Rate and Full Service Discount Available.

Destination Entry and Intelligent Mail Sack and Pallet Tags

Best Ship can perform Destination Entry for additional postage discount when volume and transportation requirements are established by the mailer. Companies that can provide an accurate predetermined weight in their data will allow Best Ship to process all packages in Batch Mode and print your labels in the required sortation per facility or sortation requirements. This process allows for minimal time and effort to properly sort and label your USPS containers for acceptance.

The Best Ship Zone Skip™ screen gives your company the ability to view and print Intelligent Mail Sack and Pallet tags for your presort destination entry or 3/5digit along with ADC sortation. Best Ship will add a “Sortation Notation” to each of your labels to assist in the required sortation to the proper facility.

Best Ship eVS and IMPB Certified

  • Best Ship is a USPS eVS® and IMPB® manifest mailing system that allows a mailer to automate their shipping procedure via a FREE eVS permit. Each piece in a manifest mailing is still labeled with a unique identification (ID) number, a Sortation Notation, your Import ID, and other markings that you the mailer may require.

    The pieces may be identical or non-identical in weight. More than one class of mail may be processed at a time. The mailer must work with Best Manifesting and their respective USPS Operations Integration Specialist (OIS) to obtain the required eVS credentials. There is no postage shown on the mail piece itself. Best Ship keeps postage totals for easy accounting or you can visit the USPS Business Customer Gateway to obtain your records.